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Supply IML Injection Molding Products for Household Appliance

Supply IML Injection Molding Products for Household Appliance

Attention: Please do not pay before we quote to you. The picture and prices shown are just for exhibition and display of our production. So please feel free to send us 3D drawing with STL/IGS/STP file and your product description.We have the magic to turn it into real products and then we will...

    Product Description

    Supply plastic injection IML mold 
    Product NamePlastic injection moulding
    Mould Shaping Plastic injection mold
    Plastic materialAs your requirement
    ColorAs your requirement
    Applicable tohousehold, company,market
    Mould life500,000 shots


    Packaging & Shipping

    1.For mold: After assemble and clear mold, we paint anti-rust fog or grease on mold, then cover it with thin film and place it into a stable wooden box.

    2.For plastic product: the first thing is to wrap each part up with semi-transparent thin foam and put it into plastic bag, the second step is place them into cartons with thin sponge plates to prevent scratches.




    Our Services

    Injection mould, die casting mould, metal and plastic prototyping, sheet stamped parts, insert/over molds,multi-cavities mould, rubber injection mould,etc.


    Product range:  high quality electronic product, automotive components, medical device, home appliance, etc. 




    1.Mold design is subject to customer's requirement.
    2.Injection molding machine specification of certain plastic,etc.Our products include a variety of vacuum cleaners,and plastic components.These products are widely available to world-class large companies.We have won a high reputation among clients.Our company provides processing or researching and manufacturing services.We are very interested in the development of new products to meet market demands.

    3.specifications about flow,material,radian and so on,we can fit in all you want.




    Company Information

    1.SmartMold  was incorporated in 1996, has evolved to be one of the leading customer injection molders of our region.

    2.SmartMold engaged in the development, design and manufacture of precise plastic mould and plastic parts, and specialize in offering all-around service for customers such as the design and fabricating of tooling, injection and painting.

    3.SmartMold is including R&D center, tooling, moulding, silkscreen, spraying workshops andassembley line.

    Producing capability: 

    We have a excellent team of specialists and undergratuates and advanced engineers. R&D department has 3 ID, 6 MD, and 50 engineers, the department of mould manufacturing, 120 professional mould makers.






    Production Flow:



    Q1. Is free sample available?

    A: We can provide a free sample for the parts with less than 100 dollars, and we will ask for some expenditure for the extra part.

    Q2. Whether the quality of materials used in processing can be guaranteed?

    A: The Japanese materials in our company are purchased from Japan’s first level agent in China. Swedish materials are purchased from China ASSAS and Germany materials are purchased from Shanghai Xinchang with material certificate provided by the first level agent in shipment. Our company believes in the management philosophy of“integrity first

    Q3. How long is your delivery cycle? What method is used for delivery? Whether the good safety during transportation can be ensured?

    A: The delivery cycle is generally 7~15 working days mainly according to the quantity and the degree of drawing. If it is particularly urgent for you, we arrange urgent order and try to solve problems .for you during the shortest lead time. We would usually use DHL for international in delivery. The clients can usually get the goods at the third day after shipment. If there occurs damage or missing, we will be responsible. In fact, DHL’s service is the best and we basically do not need to worry about it.

    4. What about payment terms ?

    A: T/T , 50% deposit , 30% T1 testing sample,20% after approval samples.

    Q5. How to deal with the parts received when they are found to be in poor quality?

    A: Please rest assured that all our products are QC inspected and accepted with inspection report before delivery and generally there will no non-conformance; in case of non-conformance, we will have them reworked or repaired at the first time with , the resulting transportation costs borne by our company.

    Smart Mold Technology Limited