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The Stability Of Aluminum Die Castings Is Very Strong

Smart Mold Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Aluminum die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is the use of casting mold die casting machine pressure die, will be heated to liquid aluminum or aluminum pouring into the die-casting machine into the mouth, die-casting machine die-casting, mold-limited size and shape of aluminum parts or aluminum parts, Aluminum Die Casting such parts are usually called aluminum die castings. 

Aluminum die Castings in different places also have different names, such as die-casting aluminum parts, die-casting aluminum, die-casting aluminum, aluminum die-casting, aluminum casting parts, aluminum alloy die-casting parts. Because aluminum alloy and metal aluminum have very good plasticity and fluidity, and casting process is in the pressure of die-casting machine casting, Aluminum Die Casting so aluminum die castings can make a variety of more complex shapes, can also make a higher finish and precision, thus greatly reducing the casting machining capacity and metal aluminum or aluminum alloy casting allowance, Not only saves electricity, metal materials, Aluminum Die Casting but also greatly save labor costs, aluminum and aluminum alloy with excellent thermal conductivity, a smaller ratio and heavy machinability; aluminum die castings are widely used in the production of internal combustion engines, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, electric power construction, oil pump manufacturing, precision instruments, landscaping, Transmission machinery manufacturing, building decoration and other industries. Aluminum die castings can be made into aluminum casting auto parts, aluminum die-casting automobile engine fittings, aluminum die-casting pump shell, aluminum die-casting gasoline engine cylinder head, aluminum die-casting engine cylinder, aluminum die-casting valve support, aluminum die-casting valve rocker arm, aluminum die-casting shell, aluminum die-casting power fittings, aluminum die-casting building fittings, aluminum die-casting motor end caps Aluminum die-casting decorative parts, aluminum die-casting aluminum wheels and so on.

Aluminum die Casting is the use of molten aluminum into a liquid, high-pressure, high-speed injection into the die-casting mold cavity, after cooling the aluminum, the mold open, Aluminum Die Casting you can get a molding products. However, the general aluminum die-casting is not used scrap aluminum, but aluminum ingots. Waste aluminum impurities too much, will affect the work of die-casting.

Aluminum die Castings in the life of what kind of function and characteristics:

1, aluminum die castings have very good durability, this is a lot of castings have no performance.

2, because the stability of aluminum is very strong, Aluminum Die Casting but also can withstand oxidation, which led to aluminum die castings will not rust, but also more corrosion-resistant. It is because of this, a lot of decorative products are aluminum die castings, so as to be able to maintain not fade.

3, aluminum die castings are very safe, after many tests have proved that aluminum products have a good seismic resistance, and the wind pressure and weathering resistance is very alarming. Aluminum Die Casting So if we use aluminum castings, we'll be safer. At the same time, the weight of aluminum die castings is lighter, which can reduce the burden on people and reduce the danger.

4, because the toughness of aluminum is very good, so decided its plasticity, Aluminum Die Casting can be designed into a variety of shapes, ductility is particularly advantageous. Because of this, aluminum castings can be used for recycling, more saving materials, the scope of application is also more extensive. Because of this feature of aluminum, but also decided that it's creative, is very good, can be arbitrarily modified.

5, because aluminum is relatively light, so we use it more convenient, whether the installation or maintenance of no pressure.