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The Plastic Mould Is More Technical

Smart Mold Technology Limited | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

Plastic mold has the following characteristics:

Single-piece production, high cost of manufacturing.

Plastic molds can not be as basic as other machinery can be used as a product to be ready to buy in the mechanical and electrical market. Because each set of plastic molds for specific specifications and production of plastic products, because of the shape and size of plastic products, the gap is very large, Plastic Mold its plastic mold structure is similar to the chamber, so plastic mold manufacturing can not form mass production. The longer the lifespan, the less likely it is to repeat the process.

Second, the manufacturing cycle is short.

Because plastic injection mold is for the product of the plastic products and customized, as a product, in addition to quality, price factors, Plastic Mold it is important to quickly put the market.

Third, technical stronger.

Plastic mold processing engineering focused on the mechanical manufacturing of advanced technology part of the essence and Fitter Technology manual skills, therefore require plastic mold workers have a higher level of cultural technology to adapt to the requirements of many types of work.

Plastic mold suppression process, the excess plastic easily along the extrusion edge overflow, very easy to appear in the horizontal flying edge of the workpiece and difficult to remove. Plastic Mold The mold closes quickly, causes the raw material overflow quantity to increase, therefore, uses this kind of mold to suppress the plastic product density and the intensity is not high, the waste material is many. Plastic Mold But the open type plastic mold structure is relatively simple, the applicability is strong and the cost is low. Easy to take out the workpiece, if it is suppressed flat-type workpiece, you can dispense with the introduction of the establishment of the organization.

The punch of the plastic mould and the friction of the inner wall of the feeding cavity will bruise the inside of the feeding cavity, because the cross-section of the feeding cavity and the section size of the cavity are the same, and the feeding cavity with scratches at the top will scratch the appearance of the plastic product. Plastic Mold Generally designed into a single cavity, which reduces production efficiency. Plastic molds are also suitable for pressing plastics that are smaller than the size of the unit, the higher the pressure and the forming fluidity. Injection molding, product hardening temperature higher, products inside and outside can be more uniform degree of hardening, Plastic Mold and the product of hot rigidity is relatively high, can be used to produce difficult to use compression molding thick wall products.

Plastic Mold Injection Molding products than ordinary injection molding products, the density of large, dimensional temperature, mechanical strength, electrical properties can reach the level of compression molding products. Molding materials in the barrel of plastic, through the screw injection mold cavity; Plastic Mold the second stage is the compression molding stage, at this stage, the mold fractal surface in a certain pressure action under tight fitting, and then after the maintenance pressure and hardening stereotypes, open the mold to remove products. Plastic mold structure is actually very complex, but its advantages are not negligible.