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The Injection Mould Moves Toward The Data Automation

Smart Mold Technology Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products. It is also a tool for the complete structure and precision plastic products.

What are the structural features of the injection mould?

2, injection mold should be equipped with appropriate flange, Plastic Injection Mold die hole and open standard code.

3, the template should be fitted with lock and lock screws, and should be fitted with a nozzle plate hook, the first elastic washer.

4, the injection mold bottom plate should be open to qualified top bar hole, Plastic Injection Mold hole position should be in line with the balance of demand.

5, injection mold ejector plate should be arranged reset spring, injection mold, the template should first touch the needle, or injection mold should install the first reset mechanism (before the required structure line).

6. Line structure.

Should be smooth, line position movement, contact surface should open the tank.

B, the line position should be installed, such as spring, the role of spring, and to limit the installation of the device.

C, the height of the motion block in the ankle joint does not emit more than 2/5 of the length of the guide groove.

7, jet mechanism.

, the thimble is set plastic stripping will not produce permanent deformation, white hat, Plastic Injection Mold does not affect the appearance of plastic parts.

B, the thimble mechanism should ensure flexible, reliable and error-free action.

C, top, thimble tube, not plane, thimble tube should be our position.

8, the backplane should even set the garbage, the height of the nail should be consistent.

Injection mold is a tool to produce plastic products. Injection mold It gives the plastic products accurate size and complete structure, the current market most of the plastic products are based on injection molds, injection mold is through the heat melts the material and high ah injection mold, Plastic Injection Mold through the cooling fixed to get molded products.

Injection mold is mainly divided into dynamic mode and fixed mold two parts, it according to the molding process of injection molding tools are divided into plastic mold, blow molding, casting mold, Jetchen, hot pressing mold, injection mold and other categories. Injection mold It is through the moving mold installed in the injection molding machine's mobile template, by moving the dynamic mode to make it with the fixed-mode closure of the way to make plastic products.

Injection mold is the production of various industrial products important process equipment, with the rapid development of the plastic industry, Plastic Injection Mold the current injection mold is generally used in aerospace, electronics, machinery, ships and automobiles and other important industrial sectors. Plastic Injection Mold With the wide use of computer, injection mold gradually towards the data automation.

Due to the characteristics of injection mold, the temperature in the injection mold is uneven, Plastic Injection Mold which is mainly related to the time of injection cycle. Heat balance control of injection mold injection molding machine and mold thermal conduction is the key to produce plastic parts, so keep the mold in constant temperature work is particularly important.