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Production Technology Of Plastic Mould

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Aug 02, 2017

Plastic mold has the following characteristics:

Single-piece production, high cost of manufacturing.

Plastic molds can not be as basic as other machinery can be used as a product to be ready to buy in the mechanical and electrical market. Because each set of plastic molds for specific specifications and production of plastic products, because of the shape and size of plastic products, the gap is very large, its plastic mold structure is similar to the chamber, so plastic mold manufacturing can not form mass production. The longer the lifespan, Plastic Mold the less likely it is to repeat the process.

Second, the manufacturing cycle is short.

Because plastic injection mold is for the product of the plastic products and customized, as a product, in addition to quality, price factors, Plastic Mold it is important to quickly put the market.

Third, technical stronger.

Plastic mold production has general mechanical product production, but also has its particularity. Compared with the general mechanical manufacturing, Plastic Mold mold manufacturing is usually more difficult, so is plastic mold. As a special process equipment, mold production and technology mainly has the following characteristics.

1 Plastic mold Manufacturing quality requirements, not only require high processing precision, but also to process surface quality is good. In general, the manufacturing tolerances of the mold work part should be controlled in the ±0. Within 011mm, some even require in the micron range, the mold after processing surface defects require very strict, and the work part of the surface roughness requirements ra<0.8um.

2 The working part of the complex plastic mould is usually a two-dimensional or three-dimensional complex curved surface (especially a cavity mold), Plastic Mold rather than a simple geometric surface of general machining.

3 Mold production for one-piece, many varieties of production of each mold can only produce moi specific shape, size and accuracy of the workpiece. As far as possible in the manufacturing process using general-purpose machine tools, general tools and instruments, as far as possible to reduce the use of special tool quantity. Plastic Mold In the manufacturing process arrangement requires the relative concentration of the process to ensure the quality and accuracy of the mold processing, simplify the management and reduce the turnaround time.

4 material hardness and high plastic mold is actually a kind of mechanical processing tools, its hardness requirements are higher, generally used quenching alloy tool steel or cemented carbide materials, if used in traditional machining methods, often more difficult, so the mold processing method is different from the general machining.

5 short production cycle due to the acceleration of product replacement and increasingly fierce market competition, the demand for mold production cycle is shorter. Mold production management, Plastic Mold design and process work should be adapted to this requirement, to improve the mold design, manufacture and standardization to shorten the manufacturing cycle.

6 Complete sets of production when a workpiece needs more than a pair of mold processing, the previous mold produced by the product is after Yi die blank, Plastic Mold mold parts of the mutual involvement of the constraints, only the final workpiece qualified, these columns of the mold is qualified. This feature must be fully considered in the production and scheduling of molds.

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