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Plastic Mould Development A

Smart Mold Technology Limited | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Plastic mold is used to shape the production of continuous shape of plastic products, a class of molds, also known as extrusion molding Machine Head. The plastic mold and its corresponding production equipment is the plastic mold extruder, its principle is the solid-state plastic in the heating and extruder screw rotating pressure conditions melting, plasticizing, through the plastic mold specific shape of the mouth mold and made section and die shape of the same continuous plastic products. Plastic mold Its manufacturing materials are mainly carbon structural steel, alloy tool steel.

In recent years, China's plastic mold developed rapidly. At present, plastic molds in the entire mold industry accounted for about 30%, in the mold import and export proportion of up to $number. Plastic Mold With the rapid development of China's national pillar industries such as machinery, automobiles, home appliances, Plastic Mold electronic information and building materials, this proportion will continue to progress.

It is understood that the manufacture of an ordinary sedan about 200 pieces of interior mold, and the manufacture of bumper, dashboard, fuel tank, steering wheel and other required large and medium-sized plastic molds only about 50% can be met. and plastic building materials to replace the traditional material has become a trend, Plastic Mold is expected 2010 national plastic doors and windows and plastic pipe penetration rate will reach $number, plastic drainage pipe market share will be more than 50%, these will greatly increase the demand for molds. According to experts guess, the overall trend of mold market heat is smooth upward, in the future mold market, plastic mold development rate will be higher than other molds, in the mold industry, the proportion will gradually progress.

The plastic mould is driven by the high technology drive and the prop industry application demand, formed a huge industrial chain, from the upstream raw and auxiliary materials industry and processing, Plastic Mold testing equipment to the downstream of machinery, automobiles, motorcycles, home appliances, electronic communications, building materials and other major applications industry, plastic mold development A.

At present, the application of plastic products is becoming more and more widely, which provides a broad market for plastic moulds, and also puts forward higher requirements for moulds. Large-scale, high-precision, multi-functional composite mold will be favored.

At the same time, construction, home appliances, automobiles and other industries on the demand for plastic is very large. It is estimated that only the automobile, motorcycle industry needs more than 10 billion yuan a year of molds, Plastic Mold color TV molds also have about 2.8 billion yuan a year market.

Plastic mold It is a combination of the abbreviation of plastic abrasive, so plastic mold is just one of many molds. It is mainly used in plastic molding, extrusion, injection, Plastic Mold blow molding and low foam forming the combined mold. This year, with the rapid development of plastic industry and the application of plastic products continue to expand, so the application of plastic mold is not extended.

Plastic mold is mainly divided into two kinds of molds, the first is mainly composed of concave die composite substrate, concave module and concave die Combination card board is composed of a concave die with a variant cavity, the second is a convex die with a variable core, Plastic Mold which is composed of a convex modular base plate, a convex module, a punch combination card, a cavity truncated assembly and a side-section composite plate.

Because of the importance of abrasive in our life, so the mold has become the industrial production of pressure machine and installed in the press of the special tools. It is through this professional tool that all kinds of metal or non-metallic materials are made into the various shapes we need to make parts and products.

As a variety of products and components are manufactured in accordance with the appearance of the mold, so the quality of the mold determines the industrial production of parts and products good or bad. Therefore, the material, Plastic Mold dimensional accuracy and surface smoothness of the mold is very important.