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Injection Molds For Industrial Applications

Smart Mold Technology Limited | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Injection molding is a kind of processing method used in batch production. It is mainly used in industrial field. Injection mold process for the heat of the material from the high-pressure injection into the mold cavity, after cooling and solidification, to be molded products; Plastic Injection Mold according to the forming characteristics of thermo-plastic mold, thermoplastic plastic mold two.

Features An injection mold can be formed a number of complex structure, Plastic Injection Mold the size of precision, good quality plastic parts, so in the production of plastic products has been widely used.

Features Two design and manufacturing, geometry and structural size design is reasonable or not, directly affect the polymer melt in the mold channel rheological properties and filling effect, Plastic Injection Mold and ultimately affect the quality of plastic parts. In the early design and development there are many uncertain factors, first of all from the initial design requirements of experienced practitioners, most of them need to rely on the mold designer knowledge and experience accumulation.

Features such as jet flow, warping deformation, Plastic Injection Mold weld marks and underfill caused by the phenomenon, are consistent with the design of the pouring system inseparable.

Features Four control mold temperature First, the mold is heated to the operating temperature, the second is to keep the mold temperature constant at the operating temperature. For the characteristics of injection mold may still have a lot, in the extensive use of plastic mold, the most common injection mold.

Injection mold because of its shape can be a number of complex, precise size, Plastic Injection Mold good quality of the plastic parts, plastic products in the production of a wide range of applications. But the injection mold design and manufacturing process is very complex, a lot of factors. Concrete component mold, Plastic Injection Mold section bridge shoulder plate mold, well grate mold, and so on. The pouring system is an important part of the design of the injection mold structure. It is also the only channel for the plastic melt to enter the mold cavity. Its geometrical shape and structural size design are reasonable or not, which directly affects the polymer melt in the mold channel Of the rheological properties and filling effect, and ultimately affect the quality of plastic parts. Plastic Injection Mold Production practice shows that many defects in the process of plastic forming, such as jet flow, warping deformation, weld marks and underfill phenomena, are inseparable from the design of the casting system.

However, in the design of injection molds, most of them are by virtue of the knowledge and experience of mold designers to determine the type and structure of the pouring system, the design is reasonable or not based on the test results to evaluate. Concrete component mold, segment bridge shoulder plate mold, Plastic Injection Mold well grate molds This design method has been unable to adapt to the rapidly changing requirements of the modern market. At present, although some enterprises have adopted the CAE analysis tool to simulate the casting system design, Plastic Injection Mold but because of the plastic structure and material diversity and casting system and plastic parts rheological properties of the complexity of the design to quickly find It is still necessary to do a lot of work to optimize the parameters of the gating system for the specific plastic parts and rheological properties of the material.

Based on the above analysis, this paper introduces the artificial intelligence technology into the injection mold design process, uses the feature-based Object ARX solid modeling and parametric modeling and expert knowledge and database technology, and combines the RBR and CBR methods to design the actual Characteristics of the injection mold casting system for intelligent design research. Concrete structure mold, Plastic Injection Mold section bridge shoulder plate mold, well grate mold, etc., through the pouring system design knowledge and experience to sum up the previous successful design and typical structure into examples, to build an effective reasoning mechanism, Plastic Injection Mold the establishment of injection mold casting System design of the intelligent system, and strive to mold design as accurate and reasonable to give the casting system design program to reduce design errors and digital simulation and physical test the number of times to improve the success rate of mold design and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle.