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Customers Coming To Visit Our 3D Printing Technology

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: May 03, 2016

Depth integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, such as the characteristics of the laser 3 d printing, 4 sets of laser scanning at the same time, the efficiency and size as the world's largest laser 3 d printing equipment and high precision metal parts.

SLM technology of forming of high precision, good performance, and do not need to work mould, belongs to typical digital process, the current in the forming of complex precision metal parts have irreplaceability, in precision machinery, energy, electronics, petrochemical, transportation etc.

 Almost all areas of high-end manufacturing has a broad prospect of industrial application. After questioning and discussion, the appraisal committee agreed that the SLM project in the overall technology has reached the international advanced level, which in the forming size and efficiency of SLM equipment has reached the international leading level, and Suggestions to further expand the application range of the materials and equipment.

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