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Mobile Phone Case Plastic Injection Mold

Mobile Phone Case Plastic Injection Mold

Mobile phone case plastic injection mold

Smart Mold technology,established in 1995,has been always devoting to plastic injection mold &plastic parts etc high precision mold design &manufacture over past 20 years.During this period,has cooperated with well-known enterprises,fg,Legrand VIVO Motorola Foxconn TCL Philips ZTE Littefuse Grammer Parrot Unikia Cardo etc.

Now,factory equipments further upgraded,workers continuously increase,Plastic Injection molding/moulding,plastic injection mold/mould,silicone molding, punching mould, die casting mold, stamping mold, rapid prototyping,IML/IMD process,hot/cold runner mold,double injection mold,2 shots molding,three-platemold,overmoldingetc a variety of molds can be design&manufactured.


What we can make ?

1.We are specialized in designing, molding and making plastic molds for medical appliances, motor vehicle accessories, building materials, household appliances,pipe fitting mould,bottle/cap/preform mould, IT related products and kinds of plastic products. Our mold division can produce more than 40 molds per month. 

2. Mass Production of Plastic Injection Parts 

We have ten precision injection machines, ranging from 100 Grams to 20000 Grams, and are able to deal with general plastic, engineering plastic and special material according to our customers' requests.

What we need for quotation?

If any inquiry about plastic moulds,kindly pleasesend us details as below:

1,Plastic components' function

Because some engineering components, it is necessary to tell the mold maker their functions or products name to make the mold maker has an idea about the plastic products.

2,Plastic material

This can help the mold maker to choose which kind of steel and which kind of injection gate

3,Plastic components drawing or 3D file or sample picture 

If you have 3D design, or 2D detailed drawings for the plastic components, then it is available for getting the quotation, if you only have the plastic samples, then please do the dimension indication on the picture and send us the clear picture for getting a more correct quotation.

4,Plastic components quantity demands

You can tell mold maker by every year, every month or every day how many pieces you need. Because the mold maker need this information to fix how many cavities on the quoted molds. And also it help mold maker to choose the correct steel, also it will help the mold maker to optimizer your mold custom cost.

5,Molding machine tonnage or injection capacity

This can help the mold maker to calculate the mold cavity Nr. According with your machine's size.

6,Custom Mold components brand

If you have special requirement for the custom mold components brand such like hot runner, hydraulic cylinder and so on, please do remember to tell mold maker when you sending an inquiry

Our Advantages:


1.  High precision deep hole drilling machine, EDM machine, wire-cutting machine, milling, grinding, auto punching machine, carving machine, 800tons to 1000tons high precision plastic injection molding machine etc advanced equipments.

Our equipment_副本.jpg

2.  20 Professional engineers  15 Pro-ID & MD  15 Pro-Moldflow analysis 40 skilled technicians 10 QC technicians.

design& development team_副本.jpg

3. Tooling workshop. From design control, steel hardness inspection, electrode inspection, core and cavity steel dimension inspection, pre-mould installtion inspection, trial report and sample inspection,export package inspection and ISO certification etc mould quality control process, Strictly QC process to control the quantity of the mold manufacture & final mould qualification.Post-treatment workshop. Advanced equipment is to carry out the component finishing post-treatment processing.

Mold made process_副本.jpg

4.   Assembly workshop. 10+ advanced assembly lines and experienced engineers &operators control every detail from packing to final loading and on-time delivery.

Assembly lines_副本.jpg

5.   Plastic injection molding parts tested workshop.

Finished products tested_副本.jpg

Cooperated Customers



Plastic Injection molding, silicone molding, die-casting mold, punching mold, overmolding,IML IMD process,three-plate mold, double injection mold etc various kinds of mold can be customized for each customer as per their requirements. The QUOTATION CAN BE MADE BASED ON 3D DRAWINGS OR SAMPLES PROVIDED BY CUSROMER.

MObile phone case plastic injection mold.jpg 


Quickly  details advantages

Professional Engineer Pro-ID &MD design team.

High precision CNC machining EDM machining wire-cutting machining drilling milling grinding etc advanced equipments.

Independent injection workshop tooling workshop post-treatment workshop assembly workshop and mold design & moldflow analysis etc one-stop after-sale services.

Plastic materials


Other materials



RoHS and SGS standard


According to your drawing


According to your requirements

Mold Type

Injection Molding Injection moulding Plastic injection Mold mould  Silicone Molding Over molding 2k mould Die-Casting Mould Punching mold IML/IMD process three-plate mold double injection mold hot/cold runner mold Rapid prototyping etc

Mould Base


Surface Finish

Polishing Texture Plating Silkscreen printing High gloss polishing

CavityCore steel

P20 H13 2316 2738 S136 718 718H NAK80 40Cr


Single or Multi cavities

Hot/Cold runner

HUSKY INCOE YUDO HASCO DME MoldMaster Masterflow etc

Mould life


Design software


Gating type

Side gate dish gate ring gate pin-point gate submarine Gate


Standard exported wooden box  fumigation process( upon required)

Lead time

20-45 working days it depends on your requirements

Annual production

500 sets of mold


Mobile phone case plastic injection mold Packaging and Shipping 

For mold: After the mold assembled and cleared , anti-rust fog or grease painted onto mold, then covered with thin film and placed into a stable wooden box.
For plastic product: the first thing is to wrap each part up with semi-transparent thin foam and put it into plastic bag, the second step is to place them into cartons with thin sponge plates to prevent scratches. Or as per requirements.


Mobile phone case plastic injection mold exhibition hall



Our services:

Smartmoldtech is a finish product design and prototype and plastic mold supplier from China. Having been cooperating with some well-known groups from the world all the time. Ours services as below.

1. Plastic mould and metal mold making,die casting mold
2. ID design and development
3. prototype both metal and plastic.
4. low volume assembly and design review.
5. Mass production for the injection molding.
6. Mechanical design and ID design.
7. Finsih product assembly.



Please offer the following information when you send us the inquiry

a) product 3D drawing with STL/STP/LGS format file or Sample or product photo with sizes.

b) mould steel you want to use.

c) standard mould base or not.

d) runner system you want(cold or hot)


Further information  kindly please send us email / call me / add my skype/ check the link

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