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Three steps to control the injection mold injection molding process

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Oct 10, 2015


Injection molds in the injection molding process can be designed to grasp a good three-point injection mold products, the next step we describe in detail the production of high quality injection mold products:


First, the temperature control; temperature control is divided into the barrel temperature control, control of the nozzle temperature, mold temperature control. Different plastics have different flow temperature, so to choose a good temperature for each plastic barrel. Nozzle temperature is usually lower than the barrel temperature, nozzle temperature will affect the performance of the product after molding. And the mold temperature also has a great influence on the performance and quality of the product, the temperature control of the mold to crystallinity, the size and configuration of the mold, and other external and internal conditions in accordance with.


Second, the pressure control; plasticizing pressure and pressure control is divided into two blocks of injection pressure. Plasticizing pressure the skill level required is relatively high, it is according to the type of quality plastic injection molds and perform constantly changing, and the injection pressure is to be carried out on the curb the flow resistance of the cartridge, giving the filling rate and melt in powerful help.

Third, the molding cycle. That is, once the injection procedure is completed the molding cycle. Molding cycle will affect the utilization of labor and equipment utilization, so try to shorten the molding cycle time, has reached maximum efficiency. Time and cooling time of injection on the quality of the product has a crucial impact, so we have to ensure the injection mold quality, shorten cycle.



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