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The working principle and structure of injection molding machine

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 30, 2015





The working principle of injection molding is the technic process that have the aid of screw thrust, plastify the plastic material

and eject it into the closed mold cavity, after cooling and take out the plastic product. injection molding manufacturing is a

circulation process, each cycle start form charging and end to take out the injection molding product.


Injection machine are mainly have vertical injection machine and horizontal injection machine. Horizontal injection machine is the most common type. The joint part and injection part in the same horizontal center line, and the injection mold is open along the horizontal direction.Its body is short, is easy to operate and maintenance; After knocking out the products,it can be used the gravity to automatic falling, available gravity automatic falling, and is easy to operate automatically. Most of the injection molding are using this kind of injection machine.


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