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The knowledge of injection mold gate - how to choose the position of glue inlet (1 of 2 )

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 19, 2016



The size, the position and the into glue way of injection mold glue inlet will directly affect the quality and appearance of injection products. In injection mold open review, it will be confirmed the position of glue inlet and the into glue way, so what is the condition about confirming the position of glue inlet?


1. The position of glue inlet should be guaranteed the appearance of injection product, and if the glue inlet would affect the assembly of product after excision.

2. To ensure the plastic products to fill fully and good overpacking effect, avoid short shot and shrink. The glue inlet of injection mold should be set in the thicker position of product or near to it.

3. If possible, considering to into glue from the middle of injection product as far as possible, it can guarantee the overpacking pressure in the process of plastic injection, the overpacking pressure of the product corresponding position is uniform. If into the glue from one side, the flow length of glue material is too long, and there will be more pressure loss.

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