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The knowledge about car grille injection mold

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 05, 2016




The car grille plastic molds generally including the car grille body mold (also known as network mold) and automotive plating decoration strip mold. It is generally used in ABS plastic. Steel mold according to the requirements of different manufacturers and products, general electroplating mold of steel will be a little better. Grille mold into the plastic mold is more important to the quality.


Car grille that into the plastic body mold generally choose the products of two intake or increase a product center position into the plastic. Plating decoration strip into the plastic mold is generally based on its length, and then the product side of the multi-point side into the glue. Car grille mold before the mold should be appropriate mold flow analysis, to avoid weld marks, at the same time the mold are using hot runner system.

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