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The impact of raw material to plastic mold supplier

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 13, 2016


Raw materials of Plastic mold industry mainly are steel mold, mold parts and machining using indirect materials (such as knives, etc.), and when the prices of raw materials improved, the impact for plastic mold companies are mainly the following points:

1, plastic mold companies do not pay attention to product quality.


These enterprises who are the new plastic molds with small businesses, low value-added products, there is no high-quality customers, and no inventory, do not have the market competitiveness. Flood of raw material prices, they will be the first to feel the pressure on prices, coupled with environmental pressures on inflation and the credit crisis, these small businesses often choose cut corners, shoddy. So in order to reduce the quality to achieve short-term interest must make enterprises to decline or demise.

2, wait-and-see mold companies

These enterprises have a certain degree of development with some quality customers, but the lack of long-term planning of the enterprise, vicious competition seriously. In the face of the raw materials prices, they choose to compress their profit margins and retain large customers. The sidelines enterprise to withstand the continuous price hikes.

3, mold companies who focus on brand

Such enterprises are optimistic about the treatment of prices, prices for them is a development opportunity. The brand is an intangible asset and the common language of the international market. The brand is the soul of the product, the spokesperson of the product is the key to decide the outcome of commercial war without smoke. Sublimation of the enterprise must be to achieve across from the product to the brand.

These are three common plastic mold companies and the impact of raw material to these plastic mold


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