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The Forms and Attentions of Mold Exhaust Groove

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 21, 2015


The exhaust groove can greatly reduce injection pressure, injection time, dwell time and the clamping force. Therefore it makes the molding of plastic parts become easier. Thereby it can increase production efficiency,   reduce production costs and reduce machine energy consumption.



1. The Forms of Exhaust Groove


 A. Straight shape

    B. Surround shape


2. The Attention of Exhaust Groove


 A. All exhausts are opened on the front mold.

    B. It needs to add more exhaust in the place of plastic interchange.

    C. When the exhaust extremely difficult, it needs to use the mosaic structure.

 D. It needs to add exhaust in the place of guide post, guide sleeve of the mould back frame.


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