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The Category Description of Casting Molds

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 17, 2015


Casting mold is driven by a hydraulic cylinder Plunger. The molten metal is pressed into the mold cavity in high speed. Because it is hydraulic, high pressure, so it is called casting mold processes. Depending on the type manufactured by casting system, the mold can be divided into three categories molds.


1.       Large Outlet Mold


Runner and gate are at the parting line, and it release with product in the open mold time. Its design is the simplest one, its process is easy, and its cost is low, so lots of people use this mold.


2. Fine Nozzle Mold


Runner and gate are not on the parting line, usually directly on the product, so you need to design a set of multi-outlet parting line. Its design is more complex, its process is more difficult. The selection of fine nozzle system is depending on the product requirements.


3. Hot Runner Mold


The structure of this mold is substantially the same as fine nozzle mold. The biggest difference is that the flow channel is in one or more climate of the manifold plate. It has no cold material release, runner and gate directly on the product, so runner does not require to release. This system is also known as no intake system. It can save raw materials. It suits for more expensive raw material and higher requirements products.


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