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The advantages of automotive plastic molds

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 05, 2016


Automotive plastic molds used rapid prototyping technology to shorten the development cycle of new products. Rapid prototyping technology is a set of computer-aided design, precision machinery, CNC technology and materials science as one of the emerging technologies. Rapid prototyping technology use discrete accumulation of principle, the design objects in CAD model into a physical prototype. Manufacture automotive plastic mold has the advantages of state-of-the-art technology, cost reduction, design and manufacturing cycle is short, medium accuracy.

1. high-precision processing technology is more mature. Processing is a highly complex free-form surface machining, automotive mold surface, the overall performance of the rigidity, high-precision, high speed, excellent dynamic performance, high-speed continuous work time must have a high-speed CNC milling for car injection mold. The purpose High-speed processing is not simply to improve processing efficiency, more importantly is a small step away from realized through high-speed, high precision machining residue. Now part of China's high-end CNC machine tools to achieve localization, at the same time due to the pressure of market competition, the import price of the machine also decline significantly.

2. Hot runner technology is widely used. Hot runner mold can improve the productivity and quality of the workpiece, and substantial savings in the production of raw materials and energy conservation. So it has been widely promoted in some automotive mold manufacturing enterprises, Yealink is now commonly used in mold hot runner mold. The upscale hot runner application mainly foreign imports, due to their cost, the impact of the promotion of the application of the plastic molding process to produce a lot of waste, caused material waste energy


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