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The advantage of plastic medical apparatus

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 29, 2015


In the past, plastic underwent sever restriction in medical aspect due to technology, while with more and more mature science technology, plastic medical apparatus are increasingly widely used, they're applied as disposable medical apparatus from medicine or drug packing to needle tubling, flexible pipe and surgical instruments. it's a remarkable initiative to utilize plastic apparatus.


Comparing with other material medical apparatus, advantages of medical apparatus are as below:


1) light weight, strength saving, useful to relieve doctors exhaustion from long time operation. more adaptable to human blood and muscular tissue, can obtain more curative effect.


2) good toughness, strong permeability, durable, partial material can be used under high temperature.


3) With more tranparency, all medical treatment process can be clearly observed, especially in operation process.


4) good machiability, suitable for variety models, sophisticated medical apparatus and articles, and can be maufactured by low cost production techniques. no corrosion or color fade will happen when sterilized by disinfectant or high temperature.


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