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Product competition had molds in China become consumers goods (2 of 2)

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 29, 2015



Mold fabrication is the last step of mold industry chain and aslo directly connects to downstream industries. Benifited from increasing demand from downstream industries, the revenue of molds industry reached 140 billion in 2010, increased 28% compared with a year earlier, these molds are mainly featured by large, precise, complex and long servicel ife. It can be seen that, the import molds amount in past 5 years is very stable, which means we have a stable demand for high-tech molds. Meanwhile, With molds competitiveness increased, our molds export speed up, molds export scale is usd 130 million in 1999, and usd 2.2 billion in 2010, the annual arerage increasing rate reached 29%.


Our molds surplus revenue reached US$ 130 million for the 1st time in 2010, it's estimated that, in recently years increasing rate of export speed will be higher than that of import speed, the surplus will expand further.


The wide downstream industry support molds demand firmly, product competition had molds in China become consumer goods. Molds, as upstream for components manufacturing, are similar to capital goods, one-time purchase can support long-time use. Therefore,  mold industry has a great output amplification effect, the output ratio of molds to downstream industry  is 1:100. Molds are very crutial in product production, a type of car will need more than 4000 sets molds, among which include large molds 300 sets; a refrigerator needs 350 sets molds valued at 4 million; a washing machine needs molds processing components 500 pieces and 200 sets molds valued at 20 to 30 million; and laptops, communication equipments, drain-pipes, plastic-steel doors and windows, instruments ect will be supported by millions of molds. mold is a must-thing for product volume production, So molds are firmly supported by wide downstream industries and in large demand.




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