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New 3d printing business mode under the Sharing Economy idea (1 of 2 )

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Feb 02, 2016



World’s economy and technology are getting rapid progress over the time,and just as every period will give birth to new things at the growing demands from humans,the “Sharing Economy”appeared and has brought unexpected changes to various kinds of industries,like Service industry,Beauty,Education,even 3D Printing industry.

So what is “Sharing Economy”?In fact,it’s a new idea which is expressing the sharing spirit,to make all resources to optimization.For instance the Didi taxi APP,just to click a while on the smart phone App,a taxi will appear in front of you and take you to your destination,very convenient and efficient,price also reasonable.

This new kind of idea is just starting its way on business,however,it spreads quite fast and boom in nowadays,not except on 3d printing.


USA company 3D Hubs is an outstanding example of the mode.They considered it simply that let everyone on the earth have the access to 3d printing,thus one can achieve his design idea even without a 3d printer in hand.They bid different prices for their 3d printers base on their performances,and take 15% from every deal as their commission.

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