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Mould maintenance

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 30, 2015


1. Derusting (appearance, PL surface, the die cavity, mold cores, knock out, slider, etc)
2. Refueling (ejection mechanism, slider, etc)
3. Replace Abrasion parts (die spring, drawing machine, bolts, etc)
4. Repair defects (Burrs, ejector mark, and drag etc)
5. Other

This level of maintenance should only be performed by skilled
All plates are separated and their faces cleaned. CAUTION:  Highly polished mold surfaces should NOT be wiped with a towel.  Instead spray these surfaces with solvent and blow off with clean, filtered, compressed air to remove the majority of dirt and residue, then clean with mild, clean solvent and clean facial tissue or cotton balls.  Be very careful with polished surfaces, dust or dirt on your fingers, on your tissues (or cotton balls), or in your air lines could potentially damage the surface.
ALL components are checked for wear. Any excessive wear is noted and a determination is made to repair, replace or continue to use.

Any cavity detail area with dings, dents or other signs of wear or abuse should be considered critical and should be carefully analyzed before any other replacements or repairs proceed.
All moving parts are to be lubricated. Use lubricant sparingly on all moving parts which make contact with
plastic parts.
Vents should be checked for depth, width and land and a determination made if repair is needed. Maintaining good venting prevents fill problems, excessive fill pressures, material "burning", etc.
They should also be checked for corrosion and vent burns to see if additional venting may be required.
"O" rings, seals and gaskets should be checked for integrity. A list of the required seals as well as one complete replacement set should be kept on hand.

All water lines are to be pressure tested for leaks and for flow capacity.  Water lines that have built up scale and are restricted should be pressure cleaned with a descaling agent and if necessary redrilled



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