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Mold technology development

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Oct 10, 2015


Plastic mold manufacturer technology is rapidly developing, has become an important part of modern manufacturing technology. The development direction of modern mold manufacturing technology includes information-driven, increase manufacturing flexibility, agile manufacturing and systematic integration of direction. Specifically in the mold of CAD / CAM technology, mold rapid prototyping technology, precision die forming technology, ultra-precision processing technology of mold, mold design using finite element method, the boundary element method to flow, cooling, heat transfer process dynamic simulation technology, mold CIMS technology, has developed mold DNM technology and CNC technology and other advanced manufacturing technology.


Some advanced mold manufacturing technology:


  1. High Speed Milling


 2. EDM Milling


 3. New generation of plastic injection mold CAD / CAM software technology


 4. Advanced rapid tooling technology


 5. On spot mold inspection technology


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