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Line marks on the injection mold products, how to repair? (2 of 2)

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Oct 10, 2015



Weld line is to follow up the plastic mouth piece in the monument opposite direction, by adjusting the position of the plastic injection mold product not played, the product was out of position tuned piece of gum rift rift point of view on both sides of the plastic mouth is not very smooth, if it is, then it is the welding marks. From the reasons for the formation of weld lines, in order to reduce the weld lines, it is necessary to reduce injection or extrusion process material "after shunt convergence" phenomenon possibilities. In order to reduce and eliminate this phenomenon, the following methods:


1 Increase the mold temperature


2 Adjusting the injection speed


3 Full Exhaust


4 Keep the mold surface clean


5 Adjust the injection pressure and fill plastic pressure



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