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Injection mold of a four-step polishing

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Oct 10, 2015


Polishing is a process methods and plastic injection mold tooling, and with advances in technology, there has been an ultrasonic polishing machine, so polished as in the past no longer is so cumbersome, the emergence and application of ultrasonic polishing machine, so-polishing efficiency and smoothness are improved.


  1. Basic mechanical polishing procedures, in order to obtain high-quality polishing effect, the most important thing is to have a high-quality stone, sandpaper and grinding paste polishing tools and aids. The most important are polishing work environment, clean room requirements. The choice depends on the surface condition of the polishing process pre-processing, such as machining, EDM, grinding, and so on.


2. General mechanical polishing process is as follows: after a surface craft, rough polishing, precision milling, EDM, grinding, etc. You can select the speed at 35000-40000rpm rotary surface polishing machine or ultrasonic grinding machine for polishing. Commonly used methods are the use of diameter 3mm, WA # 400 wheels to remove layers of white sparks. Whetstone then hand polished diamond whetstone strip plus kerosene as a lubricant or coolant. The general order of use is # 180- # 240- # 400- # 600- # 1000.


3. Main use of semi-fine polishing sandpaper and kerosene. Number of sandpaper were: # 400- # 600- # 800- # 1000- # 1200- # 1500.


4. Mainly to make fine polishing diamond polishing paste. When the normal grinding order is 9um (# 1800) -6um (# 3000) -um (8000). 9um diamond polishing paste and polishing cloth wheel can be used to remove the # 1200 and # 1500 sandpaper grinding marks left hairy. Followed by sticky carpets and diamond polishing paste for polishing, order 1um (# 14000) -1 / 2um (60000) -1 / 4um (# 100000). Precision polishing process at least in 1um polishing injection molds must be an absolute clean space. Dust, smoke, dandruff and saliva foam are likely to be scrapped after a few hours of work to get the high-precision surface polishing.


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