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Injection mold calories can affect production efficiency indirectly

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 29, 2015


There're 3 kinds heat transfer modes by fallout, convection and transmission, the heat calories brought by plastics is conducted 95% off by mold, and calories by fallout and convection is abuot 5%, during injection

processing, temperature change, the most important influential factor, affect product quality and production efficiency indirectly.


Mold temperature controll is realised by using water as cooling medium to get mold temperature low, since water is very cheap, water is used as initial cooling liquid and can lead mold to shorten cooling time. Generally cooling mold is more effective to get shorter production time. But no fit for all conditions, for partial material, the cooler material, the worse effect will be.


Generally beryllium copper inserts are used to improve cooling results.

The hard heat dissipation zones can be improved by using good conduction beryllium copper to pass calories to cooling water.


For high melting temperature material, the mold needs to be heated for injection, for examples, resistance wire heating rod can be inserted in mold base for mold heating.


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