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Global mold industry growth is getting faster and faster

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Oct 10, 2015



If any industrial countries want to have a nice record on economic, plastic mold industry will be a very important section. Some expert says that during 2011~2013, global mold industry growing rate is 22%, most of the growth comes from Asia. Asia appears the growth of 33%, this data is based on the export growth, but not all the export goes to North American. There are over 1000 mold manufacturer in Shenzhen City, the relatively low price makes Shenzhen an attracted place for mold building for those mold project which the lead time is not so tight. This what pushing the global market share growth of China.




According to forecast, the growth of Global mold industry would be 12%, global injection mold industry operating rate would be 94%. Since the decent of early 2014, this business in now ascending, to prepare for the new automotive release in 2016. Among the world, North American has recorded the lowest operating rate 85%, Asia is 97% and Europe is 114%.



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