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Double Injection (Bi-colorinjection)

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 21, 2016

Convetional Injection facility request, but productivity is low, basically only apply to less demanding of soft, hard plastic molding two materials, good product quality and scope of Double Injection, high production efficiency, it is the current trend.

1.1 Requirements

    Color injection paired materials must meet two basic conditions compatible adhesive compatibility and process compatibility. You must also meet the following requirements:

    (1) injection unit, parallel to the same direction, parallel to the horizontal and vertical L-type, Y-type structure with the single-cylinder injection;

    (2) mixing nozzle, pattern, wave, flow marks, gradient, mezzanine and other special nozzle;

    (3) clamping, standard, vertical rotary, horizontal rotary, shaft, mechanical rotary hand and other institutions;

    (4) feeding, in addition to the standard hydraulic motor drive, there are ESD (ElectricScrewDrive) electric charging structure;

    (5) oil with high-speed injection accumulator ACC and closed loop design.

1.2 Features

    Strong high energy performance: The energy-saving injection molding machine, the system can respond quickly, the injection molding machine can be supplied according to their needs for quick adjustment, can effectively improve the mechanical and electrical injection energy efficiency, so as to achieve energy efficient.

    Stability: system pressure and flow dual-loop control, according to the needs of injection molding machine injection molding machine supply decisions. System at a given input or external interference, to reach a new equilibrium state after a brief adjustment process or return to the original state of equilibrium.

    Rapid Response is good: fast response is an important symbol of the servo system dynamic quality, due to the production process of the transition time is short, generally less than 200ms, for the realization of overshoot demands to the forefront of the transition process steep rise after the rate of energy saving to a large injection molding machines to 1,500 rpm in less than 0.03 seconds.

    High Accuracy: After the transformation means output can follow the exact extent of the amount of input. Servo motor with permanent magnet technology, accuracy, speed, servo motor using PLC technology, more precise control, allowing deviations are generally between 0.01 ~ 0.00lmm.

    Energy saving: the use of take blanks systems to reduce electricity consumption.

    Improve efficiency and reduce costs: to achieve a high response, high repeatability, improved speed stability; the use of two kinds of raw materials or two colors can be simultaneously formed, greatly reducing technology and manpower in order to achieve cost savings; parameter settings, the system was adjusted to very simple digital operation.

1.3 Features color mold

    Color mold: two kinds of plastic material on the same injection molding machine, molding twice, but the product only once a die mold. In general this is also called double injection molding process, usually done by a set of molds, and require specialized color injection molding machine. Color mold growing popularity on the market, in this process can make the appearance of the product more beautiful and easy to change the color and you can not spray, but expensive, technically demanding.

    * Two master mold different shapes are respectively molded one kind of product, while the shape of the male mold of two identical.

    * Before the mold after the mold is rotated 180 degrees to the center, you must agree. The design must be done to check this action, this point of the mold positioning processing requirements higher.

    * The total thickness of the front panel plus A mold plate not less than 170mm. Please review this type of injection molding machines to other reference data, for example, the maximum capacity of die thickness, minimum thickness tolerance mode, KO hole distance.

    * Three of the nozzle plate mold can be designed to best automatic ejection action. Particular attention to soft nozzle stripping action whether *.

    * The design of the second injection of the master mold, in order to avoid the second master mold plug (or rubbing) injury for the first time have a good product molding plastic bits, can be part of the design to avoid empty. But you must carefully consider the strength of every bit of sealant, namely: in injection molding, whether there will be at high injection pressure, plastic deformation, resulting in a second injection may be a batch front possible?

    * Injection, the first injection molded product size may be slightly larger, so that it can be molded in the second with another well-molded tightly to achieve the effect of sealant.

    * Note that at the time of the second injection, the plastic flow of whether the first impulse has been forming a good product to plastic deformation bit? If there is a possibility, we must find ways to improve.

    * Before A, B clamping plate, pay attention to whether the slider or the front mold lifter will be reset and the crushed product? So, we must find ways to make the A, B first mold plate, after the front mold slider or lifter can be reset.

    * Two female mold and the male mold of water transport arrangement as fully as possible, and balanced, the same.

    * 99% of the first part is hard plastic injection products, plastic products soft part of again. Because soft deformation.

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