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Die fasteners in China is expected to develop in the direction of high-end

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Apr 27, 2015

All industrially developed countries, more emphasis on development of fastener, especially mould fastener. Because molds are tools to form products. Mold fasteners for industrial product quality plays a certain role. As China's economy has entered a period of steady, gradual optimization of industrial structure, quality requirements than for industrial products is also increasing, which molds the increasingly strict requirements of fasteners. Projected toward the high end of my tooling fastener direction.

Due to the standardization of mould in China started late, so currently die of fasteners in China has long been a little specification, small scale of production, circulation is blocked, affordable products, less high-end products. Some foreign-funded enterprises in the production of high grade mould fastener, because of the high prices and the impact of its application. For our tooling fastener businesses, so there is no concentration of, too much, too, can't keep up with product quality; moulds for fastener market, chaotic competition is more confusion in the market.

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