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Aluminum alloy die casting Components (2 of 3 )

Edit: Smart Mold Technology Limited    Date: Sep 30, 2015


Die Casting Machinery


These machines hold the two die halves together under intense hydraulic pressure. The place where the two fixed halves meet the ejector is called the die parting line. The projected surface area of the part that is being cast is measured at this line, and that number is used to determine how much hydraulic pressure is needed to inject the metal into the die cavity. There are two kinds of die casting machines: hot chamber and cold chamber. Hot chamber machines are used when the dies are made out of lead, magnesium, copper or zinc. These metals and other low melting-point alloys are used to made metal pots and other things that can chemically interact with other metals and be corroded easily. Cold chamber machines are used for aluminum dies and have a metal sleeve into which molten metal is poured. This can be done manually or by a computer-automated system. A hydraulic plunger pushes into the sleeve and forces the metal into the aluminum die at a very high pressure to ensure that the cavity is filled.

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