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China Plastic Prototype Maker

China Plastic Prototype Maker

custom rapid prototyping tools plastic prototype service General Feacture: Let's work together to make your designed-part life come from here... 1. Prototyping Way: CNC/ SLA/SLS/FDM/ Precision machining/ 3D printing/ Rapid molding... 2. Material: plastic, metal, steel like...

- One-stop, integrated manufacturing operation, make sure the fast delivery for all action figure prototype.



Smarttech can help with your rapid prototyping needs. With our Objet30 3D printer, we can create a plastic prototype from your STL file or CAD drawing in just a matter of days. We can print your part to scale or actual size, allowing you to check design form, fit and function without the time consuming and high cost of machining processes.


Plastic rapid prototyping/China plastic prototype maker


- 3D rapid prototyping: There are 3 main steps in 3D printing:



1. The first step is to prepare before printing, where you design a 3D file of the object that you want to print. This 3D file can be created with a CAD software, scanned with a 3D scanner, After you have verified that your 3D file is printable, you can proceed with the second step.


2. The second step is the actual printing process. First, choose the material, preferably based on the specific properties that your object needs. The variety of materials used in 3D printing is very wide. We mainly use ABS plastic.


3. The third step is the finish. This step requires specific skills and materials. When the object is first printed, it can often not be used directly or delivered before it is sanded, dyed or painted. The selected material usually determines the printing process.


Plastic rapid prototyping/China plastic prototype maker



- Custom 3D Printing Plastic Product Prototype 


Custom 3D Printing Plastic  rapid prototype manufacture. We are capable to design and produce the Prototype Mould and molded parts, we have CNC and 3D printing to machine the parts to meet your requirement. We also providing our customers with remarkable OEM solutions to meet a variety of requirements. We believe our product quality and price will be able to Enlarge your competitive power in your market. 


Plastic rapid prototyping/China plastic prototype maker




- Our Advantage:


Our clearly defined and regulated R&D procedure can help greatly reduce the communication costs, effectively avoid duplicated R&D efforts and wastes. 


2.ISO quality control , make sure you get what you want.
3.Advanced technology and R&D Team.
4.Professional sales team 24-hours -online- service.
5.Reasonable price base on hight quality services .
6. Short Lead Time, Rich experience and professional manufacturer team that can be guarantee completion of orders faster.


Plastic rapid prototyping/China plastic prototype maker

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